Safety First Personal Protection Strategies


Fear is not your enemy.  Allow us to take you into the zone...for a different relationship with your fear.  You will be more in tune with your instincts and intuition.  Learn basic powerful self defense skills.  Get intimate insights into your psyche under survival response conditioning.

Cutting Edge Programs that We Offer

Adult basic survival conditioning for Women.  This should be a required course for
young women before leaving home to go live on your own.  Learn about self defense
law, when and how to protect yourself before you need it.  Empowerment comes from knowing through experience - we give it to you full force.

Aimed at giving confidence and encouragement while teaching basic self preservation
skills for girls in the middle school age group.

Fun classes taught to encourage serious safety-mindedness.  Playing is a natural medium for preparing children on how to help themselves in critical situations.
Courage Quest grads and other trained specialists can look forward to advanced topics such as firearm safety, blunt and edged weapons, crowd dynamics and much more. Watch for announcements or Contact Us (below) about your special needs.

MARTIAL ARTS PROGRAM  (the Dojo at Safety First)
An efficient, strike-based style combined from the best of several disciplines mastered by Tatsuo Shimabuku of Okinawan fame. Steve Armstong, himself twice a  black belted martial artist, became one of Shimabuku's top students and brought Isshinryu to the Pacific Northwest.  Following in that strict standard of excellence,
Bill Kortenbach leads the way instilling a love of the art and the requisite discipline
to his students in the dojo at Safety First.
Time-tested warrior arts of the Philippines. Escrima is the general term given to the Filipino stick fighting discipline, which has variations in stick length and therefore ranges, in the applications of edged weapons and hand-to-hand techniques.
Our Facility
  • 2550 Yakima Ave S #B, Tacoma WA  98405  (corner of Yakima and 27th Street)
  • 3 Levels of free parking with additional street parking
  • Approx. 900 sq ft of dedicated mat space
  • 4 standing bags, will be adding hanging bags, silent fighter 
  • Focus pads, kick pads, body shields, some sparring gear available
  • Dressing Room, Weight Room, Long Mirrored Wall
  • Audio/Visual System, DVD Player, Large Projection Screen
  • Workout area is available for rent at an hourly, half day or full day rate during off hours and weekends when not in use.

Safety First PPS
is a Washington Nonprofit Corp and a 501c3 Public Charity.

MISSION:  To empower men, women and children by teaching them to use their innate strengths, improving their ability to escape from abusive situations or threat of attack.

VISION:  An ever growing number of our neighbors will be able to live a more confident and safer life; who can then champion positive changes within their own families and communities.

GOALS:  To work with local gyms, schools and community organizations to develop a broader base for reaching out to people who are at risk. We will nurture a strong corps of volunteers of empowered women, men and teen mentors, to further our mission.

Voice Message:  253.242.3601

Saturdays 9 to 10 AM
   Join Anchor Bill Kortenbach
and co-hosts Mic Stump and Narva Walton.
   Listen in and call in for lively conversation on various safety related topics!


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